8 years ago...

The year was 2012. I was younger then. It was my first trip to Michigan that I actually remembered in full, with the previous trip being in 2008, which took place just two years after I left the state for the current Dead Mall Files HQ in SC.  

A week or two prior to said trip in 2012, I had just bought my first iPod Touch, one that had a working camera in it too. That was a big deal for younger me. So, of course, I had to take pictures.

Almost all of the following pictures were taken in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

This was the original home of Tony's, which was a Saginaw-based restaurant. It has been a couple of other things, but as of 2019, is still an insurance place.

A truck screwed this picture up, but at least it was semi-salvageable. The building seen in this picture was originally home to a 7-Eleven, and later a branch of Saginaw-based Tony's. Tony's would close around 2009/2010 and be replaced with Taco Boy, who has occupied the space to this day.

Next up was Red Lobster, who has since undergone significant renovations and now looks nothing like this. This location is an outparcel to the Indian Hills Plaza, which is where our next stop in the 2012 Michigan adventure was.

The Kroger of Indian Hills Plaza, an exterior time warp until the very end. This store opened in the 1990s alongside a Walmart. Their previous location is now an ABC Warehouse that I have an exterior photo of, but will be put in a future "Outside Upstate" post. This store would sadly close May 4, 2019, ending Kroger's run of nearly 80 years in the Mt. Pleasant area.

The second Walmart of Mt. Pleasant. Built alongside Kroger, this location would be replaced around 2008 with a new store located almost directly behind it. Jo-Ann Fabrics would take up the first part of the building around 2009, with Dick's and Petsmart arriving by 2012.

Of course, I couldn't resist the opportunity to include shots of the Henry Ford Museum's neon stuff.

The next post, which will come out soon, will be taking us on our first official Upstate Retail adventure!

Welcome to the Dead Mall Files!

I've been debating about launching a blog for some time now, and after a lot of debating internally, I've finally decided to go ahead and launch it! 

The Dead Mall Files aims to be a retail preservation hub, featuring not only dead/dying malls and retailers, but live ones too. 

Without further ado, welcome aboard. I hope you'll like it.

8 years ago...

                                      The year was 2012. I was younger then. It was my first trip to Michigan that I actually remembered in ...